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Dogs need exercise and stimulation. A bored dog is a dog who is likely to get into trouble! Be sure to provide your pet with plenty of attention and exercise, when you are around,  as well as suitable and safe toys to play with when you are not around. Daily playtime, walks, and socialization are essential to the well being of your pet.
Provide your pet with safe and stimulating toys so that they can occupy themselves during your absence. Be sure your home is "pet proof" and that care is taken for them not to find a way outside. Animals are very smart, and many a dog has been lost due to learning how to open a front door, or find an escape route that they hope may lead them to wherever you went!
If not, you may end up with a "Marley and Me" scenario and come home to a house that looks like it was hit by Hurricane Katrina!!
Research has shown that dogs and cats are more comfortable in their own homes.  When you go away on vacation, you have choices regarding what to do with your pet; you can bring your pet with you, however this is not always feasible. When you cannot do so, you can choose to board your pet in a kennel or at a pet sitters house. Or you can have them taken care of in the comfort of their own home.
Dogs and cats are creatures of habit, and it is extremely stressful for them when their owners are away. Your pets miss you and the loving care that they are accustomed to, including their daily routines. The times they are fed, the daily playtime and socialization, and of course daily walks and time spent outdoors are all important events in your pets' lives.  They become accustomed to the scents, sounds and sights of their home, and to remove them and place them in another environment without their owners adds even further to the stress they are already experiencing as a result of your absence. In order to disrupt them as little as possible, home visits are the way to go.
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