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These stories are true! Only the names have been changed to protect the "innocent", or in some cases not so innocent !! Check back periodically for more stories from the front line!!
Riley's Story:
When I first went to see Riley, he was only about 4 months old, a little Shih Tzu/Poodle mix aptly named a Shih-Poo! He was playful and cuddly and full of energy! Riley was always eager to go for his daily walks, and he was particularly fond of playing tug of war with his rope toy - one end in my mouth was the only way he would do it!He always hated it when I left, and would run to the front door and sit with his little head on the windowsill, sadly watching me drive away. Riley is a few years old now, but continues to be a very good boy!
Sandy's Story:
Sandy came to visit America from Italy this past summer with his owner.When his mom had to be away for a week, she called on me to look after him. She had described him as a little Maltese, very shy and afraid of people, and when I met him on my initial visit, he was indeed that. He ran away and barked and really sized me up from a safe spot on the other side of the room. I was hopeful. however, that in time that would change. And once I learned how to speak Italian doggie-language, we got along just fine! By my third visit on the first day, he allowed me to pet him, by the next visit he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs when I came in, and by the middle of the week we had devised a new game for Sandy: It was called "Chase Sandy Around the  Coffee Table Until You Are So Dizzy You Want To Faint." This was his favorite game especially at 7:00 a.m.during his visit, but somehow he never seemed to tire or get dizzy himself! Sandy has gone back to Italy, but will return next year to visit his human family.
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Ollie and Bambi's Story:
Brother and sister shepard mixes, these two were rescued as puppies during Hurricane Katrina. While Ollie was always generally outgoing and a big sweet ball of love, Bambi started out a bit shy and obviously traumatized. After lots of effort and  TLC from her owner, Bambi grew into a sweet  young girl, so loving and equally as happy as her brother! One would never know how she started out, a frightened puppy afraid of new sounds and things around her. These two thought they were lap dogs, (why the big ones always think that I'll never know!) although between the two of them they must have equalled 150 pounds!
Dexter and Sweetie's Story:
Dexter is a two year old Saluki, one of the most beautiful and unusual dogs I have ever worked with. Saluki's were honored as God's by the ancient Egyptians. Their sleek appearance and graceful quiet demeanor are intriguing and make them almost catlike in their behaviors, and fascinating to observe.  Dexter is extremely smart and used his doggie door as needed, but he loved his treats and loved licking the inside of his dog food cans after dinner. In fact he would follow me around and gently prod me with his nose until  I gave him the can!
Sweetie is a gentle, sweet and loving collie shepard mix, of advanced age, gray in the face, and experiencing frequent " slip and falls" from which she was unable to get back up.  It was extremely important to have someone check on her  frequently during her owners time away since she had also had trouble getting in and out to do her business and getting up and down stairs. My thoughts are often with her, as I know the emotional pain of seeing a pet we love grow old.
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